Hike to Bonnieux

Hike to Bonnieux

We have one free day here at Lacoste, a day of no classes or scheduled field trips. Today was the day and my friends and I decided to take the day and hike to the neighboring town of Bonnieux. It is the only other distinct town that can be seen when looking out over the valley. The two towns feuded for many years over religious differences and often fought. Maison Basse, a large estate between the two villages, was a neutral zone between the two villages, where people from both towns would meet up to drink, dance, and even have a yearly, scheduled fist fight. SCAD now owns the building and it is a dorm for the students. Bonnieux is a five-mile walk by road, but we decided to be adventurous and find our own way. We ventured through woods, fields, road, and vineyards. The picture is of one of the vineyards we walked through.


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