Saint-Paul de Mausolee

Saint-Paul de Mausolee is the asylum that Van Gogh checked himself into after he cut off his ear. He stayed here for a year and painted over 150 canvases. The gardens here are closed this time of year, so we went with the intention of walking around the outside. There was one garden door open, that out administrator let us look into, one by one. A lady working there say us, and was kind enough to open the gardens up for us. It was great to walk around with so few people. It was inspirational to see the landscapes that inspired Van Gogh and his breath taking paintings. You can see the resemblance’s in the landscapes to those in his pictures.   taitken_ex7_6.jpg-2

View of the courtyard in Saint-Paul de Mausolee.

Van Gogh himself. This statue was sculpted to mimic Van Gogh's brush strokes.



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